Every day we are committed to growing better food

At Agricooltur® we design and develop patented systems for aeroponic farming, revisiting traditional agriculture through a more sustainable approach aimed at creating new consumption patterns. To offer healthier, fresher and better products.

Aeroponics is an innovative growing method that allows plants to grow out of the ground.

Roots are sprayed with water and nutrients in a completely controlled environment that almost completely reduces the spread of pests and diseases typical of growing in the ground, without having to use insecticides or pesticides that are potentially harmful to human health, plants and the environment. In addition, indoor cultivation yields outstanding results in terms of speed, quantity and, above all, quality.

The extreme versatility of our aeroponic systems makes it possible to place growing sites directly within urban centers, zeroing the distances between the place of production and the place of consumption.

Thanks to the production sites in Turin, Milan CityLife and Genoa Porto Antico, Urbancooltur® is able to deliver fresh produce directly to the final consumer.

The products remain alive throughout the supply chain and are actually picked up by the consumer himself, just moments before ending up on the plate



Farming means "taking care," and this is what we do at Agricooltur®: we pay extreme attention to growing our products in an environmentally and socially sustainable way.

With the GAMMAZERO® Disciplinary we set the 10 rules that guide us in our work.


Utilizziamo solo l’acqua che serve alla pianta 


Non disperdiamo sostanze nel terreno


Prevenire è meglio che curare


Utilizziamo fonti di energia rinnovabili


Ci impegniamo a coltivare un alimento sano


Coltiviamo vicino a te, con meno emissioni di CO2 per il trasporto


Privilegiamo materiali riciclati o riciclabili


Per la coltivazione, diamo nuova vita ad aree urbane dismesse


La coltivazione aeroponica è accessibile a tutti


Nuove opportunità di lavoro grazie al nuovo mestiere di contadino di città.

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