With us the future takes roots.

In Agricooltur® we take something antique, like agriculture, and create a cutting-edge present, something entirely new.



Cultivation takes place within The Plant production sites, high-tech greenhouses that recreate the ideal environment for growing vegetables.

Here, special filters purify the incoming air of pollutants and return oxygenated air to the outdoors, making the facility a true green lung for the environment.

Our productions sites 

A patented technology

Two types of systems to which misting tanks are connected can be located inside the greenhouses: the static Aerosmart system (patent No. IT102018000010260) and the dynamic Aeromatic system (patent application No. IT102019000024180) 

Growing plates placed on the tops of the tanks house the plants, which, as soon as they are ready, will be transported from the production hub to the point of sale.

The maintenance systems

Thanks to the display and storage modules developed by Agricooltur®, products remain alive until consumed.

The root is never severed, and the vegetable can be harvested shortly before its use, keeping taste and organoleptic properties intact.


The compact and modular micro-greenhouse


The system to expose and feed plants through programmed spraying


Indoor cultivation modules with static fertigation system


The transportable urban cultivation form 

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